High-quality Natural Climate Solutions that address climate change & biodiversity loss through economic development

Our Work

At the heart of our projects is ecosystem restoration through regenerative forest, air, water, soil, food, and energy solutions using an integrated systems approach.

Our Approach

Our community-centric approach combines scientific methods, systems & design thinking, and sustainable finance 


Our various projects restore degraded or distressed land, forests, and farmlands 


We have global aspirations, and projects currently under development in India and Africa

Our vision

Build natural capital infrastructure to heal the planet while creating opportunities for economic development & social equity.

Our goals

Our clients

We work with large landowners, corporations, foundations, community groups, governments, carbon buyers, regenerative entrepreneurs and solution providers.

Our services

Project development

We design, develop and implement regenerative projects that generate carbon credits and social and economic co-benefits


We help our clients design regenerative projects towards attaining their climate goals

Our Stakeholders and their Challenges

Below are some of the central questions our key stakeholders grapple with.
If you identify and relate with any of these, please reach out for a discussion!


How can I make the best use of my land, play a part in ecosystem restoration and leave a lasting legacy?

Community groups

How do your projects create meaningful economic opportunities for our community?

Corporates, Foundations and Sponsors

How do you ensure that the resources we provide have the greatest possible impact?

Carbon / ecosystem services buyers

How do your projects address our need for high-quality, high-integrity and reduced risk investment?

Regenerative entrepreneurs & solution providers

How do your projects help us to achieve scale and improve our offers?

Our Team

Pradyot Porwal


Worked in the global capital markets for a decade before pivoting to ecosystem restoration; Graduate from IIM Bangalore and IIT Bombay


Shailie Mehta


Worked in rural development and entrepreneurship with international non profits. Founded Acacia Eco in 2016, a social enterprise on urban forestry in India; Graduate from UCLA


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